Wednesday Word

Every Wednesday I will have a new word for us to use. The challenge is to use it on your blog everyday till the next post on Wednesday.

Altogether adverb

Wholly, completely.

In a sentence: Altogether they we excited for the trip to Spain next fall.

Good luck and have fun.

What is up Wednesday

Blog Post #000058 day 21


I was hoping for more walking yesterday. But it did not happen. So far I have walked 35.06 miles. I need 114.94 miles in 80 days. Not bad.

Altogether my day is going well! I got things done for client. In half hour will be heading out to second client. Yeah.

What was the weather like today?

Today weather is brought to you by the letter M and the number 9.

Today high was 41 degrees out. I felt comfortable in t shirt, hoodie, jeans and shoes. It was cloudy all day long.

Forecast for the next 3 days

Wednesday h 45 degrees l 34 cloudy

Thursday h 39 degrees l 20 degrees snow 90% chance

Friday h 33 degrees l 24 Sunny

I hopeful that the sunshine will perk everyone moods.

* temperatures are in Fahrenheit

Where is the Sun?

Blog Post #00057 day 20


As 4:30 pm this afternoon I have walked 34.01 miles. That means I have walked on average of 1.70 miles per day. With my goal of 150 miles, I have 115.99 miles to go! I can do this!

Moving excitement/dreading

I am excited to have a bigger space to live in. But dreading the cleaning. Excited to meet the neighbors. Dreading on meeting new people. Such is life.

Tuesday =Monday

Does Tuesday equal Monday? I don’t have the energy or motivation for anything today. Barely for this post. I know it will pass. But I still don’t like this feeling. I’m on verge of crying, laughing and curious. I know it’s not normal. But nothing is normal with me.

My anxiety is at a 4 and I think when I get back to the house it might subside if I put my mind into packing. We will see!!!

Talking Points Tuesday

Today I like to focus on talking straight to the deaf or hard of hearing person. I’m hard of hearing and have experience this more than I can care to think.

Even though I having hearing aides I still need you to look at me. Why? Because I don’t always get everything you are saying. When you vocalize it, I also see it on your face. I also can read your lips.

I don’t know about you. But I dislike saying huh, what, eh all the times. It can get very annoying. Ask my mom, she would agree on this.

The next time you are out with your friends or family who are hard of hearing. Remember this tid bit!