Water and Walking Update

Last month was not so hot in water intake. But I did do better in walking. Here are the results:

In June I walked 48.26 miles out of 100 miles. In July I walked 29.26 miles. Hey no matter how much more I did. It was not in negative.

In July I drank 3.93 gallons of water. Need to do better. Major step back. New month same goal.

Little this and that

Oh my goodness, I’m afraid this is going to be a freaking cool month. Usually August is. In the past we would be wrapping up MVCT summer production. The first Sunday is usually reserved for family reunion. Then there is “I got you”.

Huh, what do you mean Willis? “I got you” is term for when you adopt you a kid. Some family don’t celebrate it. I started celebrating it as an adult.

I will be sharing my story this month. Along with Marching Band, wedding stuff, walking, water intake, and other fun life adventure. Will you come with me on this wonderful adventure?

Water And Walking update

This month is kind of crazy. So far I have drank just over 3 gallons of water. No bueno. Need to bump up the action on that.

Same goes for walking. Had a few good days. Need to string few more of those days. I have walked 40.75 miles. Just a mile short this time last month. (Through the 26). Hmm I think I can do better than that? Right?

Movie in the middle of the night???

Yes please! Long interesting day. Start off not feeling the hottest. Then the day just got busier.

I thought why not a movie to finish doing my chores. What better way to watch a fun kid movie? Kung Foo Panda is my choice.

My nephews were all about this movie when they were younger! First five times was okay. Several moons later I still know my favorite parts!

What is your go to movie(s) to do chores to?

Marching Band part 0002

As I mentioned in the previous blog. Marching Band was a big deal while growing up. We could letter in. Couple of the kids in grade above went to some amazing Marching Band after high school!

Today clip is from a local high school. I remember we wanted to beat them so bad back in the day! He he he. Here is a clip from 1994-1995 year! Enjoy!!!