Walking Update

From September 1 – September 15 here is my status of walking. I have walked 31.06 miles! That’s 2.07 per day! Solid walking. Need a little push to the end. So I can hit close to 2.25 miles per day. I actually need closer to 3 miles per day.

I am confident that I do well this month. I can’t wait to bust it out and get ready for winter walking.

Back to School

Today focus is college life. When I left home I had a difficult time. But I had learned lots. Probably fill this blog up! But hey that is okay.

The first key lesson is I can do it. I was not sure if my self. Specially since that traditional learning was hard. Now I had to advocate for myself. This was tough. But I am great full for doing it.

Back to School

Here is another subject that I liked. Both in Junior High and High School. That was art. I wasn’t particularly the best at it. But it was fun.

In Junior High I had the fabulous art teacher Exstrom. She was amazing teacher. She taught pottery too. Loved every minute of her class.

In high school it was Mr Jacobson. He had a good sense of humor. And interesting projects for us. It made my day go by fast!

Back to School

This month is Back to School theme month. I covered lunch, favorite class in junior high, favorite years at school. Today I want to focus drivers ed.

My memorable class in High School was Drivers Ed. We were doing simulation part of class. I couldn’t reach the pedal. So the instructor had to give me a big pillow so I could reach it. He wasn’t sure if I would ever drive. My height and weight were an issue. That’s not even an issue these days.

Back in the day I don’t think he saw someone under 5 feet tall and under 100 pounds in his class. Hmmm I like being first in this scenario. 😁

Sunday Adventure

Today has its own adventure. I dropped off a neighbor at his work. Came back home and passed out in the living. Woke up and went to the bedroom. Only to fall asleep again. Did not wake up till noon. Jeez I hardly do that.

Then Ross dad called to remind us about the lawn. Lucky we were getting ready to head out. We stopped at our favorite smoke shop.

Finally we ended up at his dad place. We mowed the lawn. His dad started the big wood burning. Roxy, his girlfriend and I jumped when exploded when he lit the fire. It scared the bleep 🤬 out of us. And laughter is the best medicine. Lucky he is okay.