My daily Adventure

My daily adventure has brought me to take photos. I was goofing around today. Enjoy these wonderful photos. I caught two reindeer! And this fire hydrant! Then I found tons of shapes!


Grateful Tuesday

Here are 11 things I’m grateful for today.

  1. Had great dreams last night.
  2. Love having creative juices happen before 12. This doesn’t happen much.
  3. Loved the holiday party last night. We Toastmaster know how to create laughter. And memories!! ūü§£
  4. My fiancé is amazing! He totally surprised me last night at the Toastmaster meeting. I think he is a keeper.
  5. I had the weirdest theatre dream last night. I think I miss the actors/actresses, musicians and stage managers.
  6. Love the time I spend with my honey. The drive alone puts me in stitches.
  7. Some days I feel like this picture
  8. I don’t know why but today is a bit harder to name just 11 things I’m grateful for.
  9. I’m having my moments here At McDonald. To many things make me smile. Little girl talking to an older lady. Family maybe? Two guys having great conversations. Lots of traffic coming thru the store.
  10. It’s Tuesday. They hardest day for me remember what day it is. But grateful that have awesome reminders!
  11. I’m finally done with this post!