Monday oh man

Okay I have to admit. I don’t feel like a spring chicken. It’s warm in the apartment. Slept 10 hours or so.

But I did pick Ross up from work. Wrote letters/post cards. Made lunch. Set up another client. Work on time sheet. Just need to see my only client today.

I still have a list to do. Yikes. Time sheets and medical stuff. All by 4 today. Better get moving!!!

Sunday sounds

The dishwasher is going. Clank of cups and utensils are happening. Many conversations are going on. Some tables are not as talkative as others. Kids playing quietly with toys.

All this is a sign of happiness. Positive thoughts. Good food. Good drinks! I love spending time with Ross at this place. Always Sunny in here.

Blog Post #9 I’m tired

I left to go get Ross. But before I did I stopped at the grocery store. Picked up a few items. I had a lovely conversation.

I did my thing of bringing the carts back to the corral. I dislike sitting in the middle of the parking spot. Looks not tiddy. Yes I’m one of those people.

When we got home. Ross checked out the air conditioner. I swept. Gross how much accumulated in a week. I want to scrub the floor. But I’m exhausted. Time to hit the sack.

Blog Post #8 – Home

Coming home I needed a break. I worked on the special blanket. Watched some YouTube videos. Then I worked on calendar management. Did another load of dishes.

The air conditioner is not working properly. I had to turn it off. I’m waiting for Ross to look at it before we call the office. It was making awful noises.

I also did some addresses done on the computer and food list. My mom wanted the food list of what I can and cannot have do to my gastroparasis and diabetes.

I am excited for the wedding dress shopping next weekend. Okay maybe a little. I don’t like clothes shopping for me to much. Helping others to do this. Sign me up. Lol

I’m called the energy bunny for a reason. Yes Mr A King someone did stick a quarter in me. 🤣

Blog post #7

I am afraid I got busy! I did not forget you at all. I dropped Ross off at work. We both notice how busy it was traveling down 35 w. Decided to exit the back way to his job. We realize that Baseball and basketball were happening this evening.

I went to Rosedale shopping mall. I needed to fix what I thought was a virus on my phone. It was tricking me. Ha ha smart phone can do that. 🤣

I stopped by bath and body works. 20 bucks for shopping not bad. But what was awesome is that I connected with the manager. And I may have a speaking gig lined up. Pretty cool.

I had some sensory issues at both places. But I worked through it. I can do it. Breathing exercise and cognitive behavioral therapy really helps. Sometimes I even amaze myself.

Ops! Blog post #5

Oh my goodness. Can you please forgive me. I really do feel bad about this. The last post was a huge reaction from a guy on Instagram. It triggered me. Got me mad. Really mad.

I get these men quite a bit. Specially online. I should not let it bug me. But it does. I should this or that with them. But either way it still hurts. But I jump the blog post number.

I did get stuff done. Loaded and unloaded the dishes from the dishwasher. Feeling productive! Even though I have not taken my meds. Yeah me! (We will see how long that last.)

Blog Post #6 Why Men

This post is all about why men. Please take head. Why men do you try to lure women into your pathetic existence? Of wanting a partner.

Why men do you not engage in one platform for conversation and wanting the other to chat? I don’t get that.

Why men do you think I will fall for you and leave my great man. Only to see that you were not meant for me.

Why men are you into this? I can’t believe that you think I’m into or interested international dating.

I am happy in a relationship. I’m not for international dating. I don’t give a rat arse if you are rich. So back off on the love boat.

Post 4

Short lived nap. But got some things before attempting to eat. Yahoo!

I knew I forgot to put something on the list. My flowers needed water. And so I made 3 trips around the apartment to do just that. I love them so much!

I also filled my gallon water jug. So that I really come close to the goal! I did not stop there. I even filled Ross up to. I even put ice into it. The things that we do for love!

Post #3

When I woke up I felt like my stomach was doing the Gangnam dance. When I picked Ross up he sang a fishy song. Now my stomach is doing both.

Gastroparasis is no fun. I have been throwing up for a few days again. Farting like crazy. Sounds like a water liquid diet day. Ugh!!! Me no like.

My Saturday – post 2

My Saturday schedule. I like creating schedule for my day. It makes me feel accomplished in with what I did.

Here are some things I need to get done today:

– pick Ross up from FedEx – drop Ross off at Dennison work – put dishes away – work on suprise actitvity – get my diabetes numbers down – read – check mail – drink 1 gallon of water – write a lot of blog post. – pray for rain – annoy my partner in crime

The biggest thing is that I need to do today. Have fun!!! There are a few more things that I need to get done. But we will see!

Mr. Toastmaster, fellow Toastmaster, and Honor Guest

I’m please to present to you wonderful journey with you on people. People who have extraordinary journey in life that you probably have not encounter before.

I want to introduce to you 3 different people. Autism Joe, Amelia the Crohns gal, and ADHD Jack. Each has a story that I like to share with you. Sit back and enjoy the read.

Autism Joe is 26 yo male. Living in a suburb. Middle class family. He is in the minority. But once I get to know him. He is really not that. I see so much more. As a caregiver I see so much potential in him. Thriving and could be a world changer! But many people don’t see past skin color or his abilities. Which is sad. We can change. Not him but us.

Amazing Amelia is a force to be reckoned with. With various talents and addictive laugh. Who could miss this rare gem. Amelia has Crohn’s disease. She is a teacher at heart. Very honest with me about what is going on. Shoulder have been wet few times. But that is the least of my worries. Another world changer.

All or nothing. Jack has adhd. He literally is night and in his personality. Sometimes the dark comes in. Thunderstorm alley. Better be ready for that. I wouldn’t trade anything. He does not really see what he inspires the rest of us. But he sure does on a daily basis. Learning to encourage this one is very interesting to say the least.

All 3 people in this story have some things in common. Looked over. Different, difficult and hard to understand. But if we slow down and think. I think we can find something that we can relate to with each one.

Autism Joe is still learning about social cues. He is learning about cues. Bubble space and calm hands, calm bodies. ADHD Joe is learning about burn out and meditation. Amelia is learning about advocacy. All which is typical path but how they get there is definitely not the same as you and I.

Thinking 🤔

Oh my goodness! I have been thinking to much. About this and about that. I really needed to force myself to focus on what I need to write about.

Here are some things that I have been thinking of. Of course no particular order. I just love making lists.

1. Writing letters 2. Toastmaster 3. Autism. 4. Crohns 5. Neighbor 6. Earth 7. Friends in St Cloud 8. Wedding. 9. Meditation time 10. Gastroparasis

How do I choose? I want to write in depth. Some context. Like more than 300 words per post. Maybe it will have to be a challenge of keeping up on writing to something like this. What do you think my dear reader?