Zoom Zoom!!!

One of my favorite cars came from 1958-1971. I saw it in the movie Austin Powers movie. If I had space for it. I buy one to be displayed. It is the Subaru 360. Love the front end of the car. The hood looks as if it was smiling. And the head lights are wide eye like a kid. Safety wise. I wouldn’t want to be in a accident with the car!

Zoom zoom we go

That’s what I see every morning out of window. But my heart wonders to different vehicles.

If we were in community theatre mode. I would be going for a Dodge Ram 1500 type of car. I would use it transport the set and other things for the show!

You would see us maybe camping in in the flatbed! Or going out to do sky watching! These are just a few things I love about the trucks.

The biggest thing that I am in love with is my family lived on the farm. Well my grandparents did. And that’s one of the biggest influences for vehicles to purchase. It has been the bug of mine for 30 years!

Calendar Management and Monday

I’m finishing out the month of March. I’m awe about the info on what women contribute to society. Some things I knew. Others I did. That’s why I went MIA in the writing department.

Their is some development in my life. Cranking it to be more productive but allowing me to be me. Which is good. Because I don’t want to be the ugly person that I was the last few days! More on that when I feel comfortable in sharing.

Tonight is speech and getting things moving forward for a project that I am working on. Work and time for cleaning.

I pray that you are doing well and enjoying this beautiful day!

Stomach pain = ?

Wanting to do a couple things today. Some thing did not agree with me. The last two the bathroom has been my buddy.

But that does not stop my from certain things. Enjoying time with my guy. Cleaning. And cooking.

It can feel like a downer. But I’m not going to put feelings on it. I have a choice. Just like my counselor says. I just need to move on other things.

We all have things to work on. Peace

Feeling overwhelmed

As I am cleaning through out the day. I feel overwhelmed. My anxieties raise when I feel like I am not going faster or being productive. Feeling of failure and self doubt comes flooding in. I want to cry, punch, or scream. Breathe.

I finally got the kitchen table down where it is manageable. The dirty dishes are were they at. Or cleaned. Just need to put away. Clothes (not my job but my guys) are in process. Whew! Which can done now and should only take a few moments.

I wrote out menu options and daily chore list. That took time. Some how that is never an easy task for my partner and I. Easily done for work and daily personal life. But with another person who did not grow up that way. It’s a bit of struggle. I had to order more cleaning supplies because we forgot to order previously. Yikes! Laundry is a must.

Now I’m working on filing stuff. So that we can do our taxes tomorrow. Ugh not my favorite. But we will do it. Ross did help neighbor do his. So maybe it will go fast tomorrow. Made dinner earlier. Microwave came to the rescue. (A whole blog could be dedicated to eating and processed foods)

When dealing with my anxiety, I need to feel it’s okay to step back. But not quite. Relax and apologize if I was snapped at anyone or thing.

I think this a good post for the evening.